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Featured Model – You are wanting to be featured on BDM.
Fitness Model – You are wanting to be a featured Fitness Model on BDM.
Bikini Model – You are wanting to be a featured Bikini Model on BDM.
ALT Model – You are wanting to be a featured ALT Model on BDM. ALT Models have multiple tattoos and piercings
Censored Model – You are wanting to be a featured Censored Model on BDM. Censored Models are nude and/or topless.
#BDMbabe – You would like to submit photos to us that we would post to our social networks and add to our #BDMbabe wall of photos page.
Video – You have a hot video to link or send to us. Tell us a joke, dance, cook, or wash a car. We just might post it if it’s sexy.

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